Your family’s travel personality is…

Curious Knowledge Seekers!

Your kids are constantly asking questions—and you welcome them! You’re so proud of their budding curiosity, and you can’t wait to share all the wonders of the world with them. You view travel as the ultimate teacher. “Learning by doing” is your family’s unofficial mantra, and on your next family vacation, you’re ready to bring the classroom outside four walls.

For curious families like yours, small group tours—led by knowledgeable guides—are a great option. You’ll get to learn along the way, without having to plan a thing yourself! From city walking tours to hands-on cooking classes, small group tours make learning together more fun than you thought possible!

I’ll be sending you some more travel tips for curious families over the next couple of days. But first—let me introduce myself. I’m Jessica Hart, and I’m the luxury family travel planner behind Travel by Hart. I’m all about playing vacation match maker for families. Every family is different—so shouldn’t your vacation be, too?


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