Our process is pretty simple but very important in taking your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary. Read about the steps below or skip right ahead and get in touch.

This is my favorite part of this process, the part where I get to know YOU and your travel style. I will listen to what YOU want and then prepare a trip tailored around your wants, needs, and desires.

Your time off is incredibly precious and you need to make the most of it. Let’s work together to choose a destination that excites you, invigorates your soul, and ticks all the boxes. I believe in encouraging and indulging your curiosity but most of all enriching your life, through travel.

Then I set about doing the work and designing the perfect travel experience for YOU so that you can focus on the experience. I will lean on my extensive network of luxury travel contacts to give you access to the world and its best-kept secrets, just as YOU want it.

I pride myself on going a step further than the rest to make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. I will recommend any activities and sites that will make the trip extra special and will present them to you to hear your thoughts.

When the itinerary has been perfected I will make all the necessary bookings & reservations, then confirm amenities and special requests. I will ensure your VIP status at luxury properties by sending a letter of introduction to any contacts I may have, to make your holiday that much more unique and pleasurable.

Before you depart, I will provide you with your custom itinerary, any necessary travel documents, and other reference material to help you on your trip as well as the anticipation leading up to it.

When your trip is finalized you will set off on your adventure to explore new countries, cities, and cultures. Or maybe you will just sit back on the deck of a ship, watching whales migrate as the sun is setting.

Either way, I will keep an eye on the details before and during your journey, and be available to you at any point. This means that you can fully enjoy the experience and make the most of every precious moment.

Upon your return, we will have a welcome-back discussion so I can hear all about your experience. I want to know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and anything that could have been done differently so that I can apply what I have learned to your next adventure. Get a feel for working with me by reading what other clients have to say.