1. Knowledge

Many people shy away from using an advisor because they like doing their own online research. However, using an advisor doesn’t mean you have to give up control and involvement in the research process. Rather, a great travel advisor will enhance your research and provide added value. Our first-hand travel experience, education and ongoing training with tourism boards, cruise lines, resorts and other travel companies make us travel experts who can make sure your precious time away turns out just the way you envisage it, every time..

2. Global Connections

Through my affiliation with Brownell, a Virtuoso agency, I have a vast network of resources that allows me intimate and global connections with hotels, tour companies, and cruise lines to give you access to amenities and upgrades that you simply cannot get on your own. Loyalty programs can be great but you will never be able to VIP yourself to the same degree that a well-connected advisor can. You are guaranteed the best in expert knowledge and insider information, wherever you are heading.

3. Personal Touch

Planning a perfect trip takes more than knowledge and experience. It takes time. A great travel advisor takes a personal interest in you and makes sure your preferences are reflected in every aspect of your trip, every time. The better your advisor gets to know you, the more they will be able to craft extraordinary journeys that are unique to you. This is something that is beyond the power of the internet alone. It’s all about relationship and trust.

4. Value

Many people believe that the best travel deals are online. However, with our experience and travel industry relationships, we can offer you exclusive vacation packages, amenities and travel specials that you would never be able to get on major booking sites.

5. Peace of mind

When unforeseen complications arise such as a massive winter storm or clouds of ash from an erupting volcano, causing worldwide air traffic delays, you can end up standing for hours in line at the ticket counter, or being put on hold with an online travel agency. With a personal travel advisor, you can make one call and rely on them to sort out the details to get you home.

Are you ready to love your journey™?


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